Thursday, June 26, 2008

BBC (Biwako Broadcasting Co.) / 琵琶湖放送

I'll be on the BBC this Saturday night (the Biwako Broadcasting Co., that is)! I was interviewed and then also played "Seikatsuhitsujyunin," or "生活必需人" (my first original song with only Japanese lyrics) for a show called "Dream Catcher," which features local musicians from all around Shiga Prefecture. It was my first interview using only Japanese, so I was a bit nervous, but I think it still went all right. Check it out if you have the time! Here's the info:

When: Saturday June 28, 2008 at 10:30pm
Channel: 3 (in the Otsu area, although, I hear that it's channel 5 up toward Nagahama)


今週末の土曜日の夜にBBC(琵琶湖放送)に出るよ! テレビショーの"Dream Catcher" (「ドリームキャチャー」はいろんな滋賀県に住んでるミュジションを出られるっていうテレビショー)でインタヴューしてもらって、そして生で初めての日本語の歌詞ばっかりを入ってるオリジナル曲「生活必需人」を演奏した。それは僕の日本語でインタヴューすることの初めてから、ちょっとドキドキしてたけど、まだ大丈夫と思ってる。もしかしたら、ひまだったら、是非見て下さい!じゃあ、下のインフォメションを見てね:


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