Thursday, April 26, 2007

Angel Voice and the Brothers McLightning-Fingers Strike Back! McLoughlin's Gig!


: マイク・バス、テレース・コルタニー、ライヨン・フーバー
いつ: 19年4月27日(金)
何時: 20:00から-22:30ぐらいまで!
どこ: “マクラックリンズ・アイリッシュ・パブ”エンパイアー・ビルの8階 (McLoughlin's Irish Bar and Restaurant, Empire Building, 8F)

行き方(歩き方): 三条京阪駅から鴨川に向かって、木屋町通りを右にまがって、2分後エンパイヤ・ビルが右に見えます! エンパイアー・ビルの8階です!

“マクラックリンズ・アイリッシュ・パブ”の電話番号: TEL(075)212-6339


マイク (^_^)v


Together with Therese Courtney and Ryan Hoover, we have been collectively known as Angel Voice and the Brothers McLightning-Fingers! This is due to our recent gigs in Shiga where we have, indeed, taken some names and kicked some ass :D

Now, however, we bring you news about a gig to be held at McLoughlin's Irish Bar in the insanity of Sanjo, Kyoto.

Here is the info:

WHO: Angel Voice and the Brothers McLightning-Fingers
WHERE: McLoughlin's Irish Bar, Empire Building, 8F
WHEN: Friday April 27, 2007TIME: 8:00pm - 10:30ish-pm
PRICE: NONE, that I'm aware of. However, Ryan will be doing Hannibal Lecter impressions while wearing a thong in which you may deposit various amounts of money, as much as you see fit! [Sorry for the exploitation, Ryan, sometimes we gotta give the people what they want...:D ]

DIRECTIONS: From Sanjo-Keihan eki, cross the Kamogawa River, pass starbucks, and turn right at the first street (it's called Kiyamachi-dori [木屋町通り]). After about a two minute walk you'll see the Empire Building on your right. Go to the 8th floor, and McLoughlin's is right there. If you need help, McLoughlin's phone number is (075) 212-6339.

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: We will be having some VERY special guests at the gig on Friday. Therese's parents have flown in all the way from Ireland to visit her. So let's make sure we give them an extremely warm welcome, and also make sure we don't act like too much of arses. The only arse we wanna see this Friday is Ryan's in a thong, right!? (^_^)v

Hope to see you all there!

Metaphorically Yours,
AV and the B McL-F


Laura "Sko" said...

Awesome McAwesome man. We wish you Mazeltov... :-)

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Someone tagged me, and now I've chosen you, bwahahaha.
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