Monday, October 16, 2006

Gig Near Oumihachiman!

Hi Everyone!

Hi have a gig coming up with a great finger-picking guitarist, Yosuke Tago! The gig will be at Taishi Hall (太子ホール) near Oumihachiman. If you take the JR from Otsu toward Oumihachiman, switch trains at Oumihachiman, and take the Oumitetsudou (近江鉄道) line toward Youkaichi (八日市). Get off at Youkaichi, and Taishi Hall should be fairly close to the station.

Go to for more information and better directions (there should be a map on the website). But anyway, here's the real stats on the gig:

When: Saturday November 4, 2006 (11/4/2006)
Where: Taishi Hall
What Time: 18:00
With Who: Yosuke Tago
How Much: ¥1000

いつ: 土曜日、2006年11月4日
どこ: 太子ホール、
何時: 18:00
だれと: 陽介多胡
いくら?: ¥1000

I'm going to be playing for about 30-40 minutes or so, so come watch (if you're in Japan)!

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